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The Coles and residential development at West Ryde continues. 

A number of residents have raised concerns with Council regarding the construction noise early in the mornings. Construction starts prior to 7am are not uncommon and traffic upheaval continues in Anthony Rd.

The Coles and residential development at West Ryde – 2nd June 2014

Ryde Civic Centre

Joan Carson and Phil Peake attended the May 13 Council meeting. Ryde residents and community groups raised concerns regarding the the delays in the re-zoning of the land back to community use (SP2).
Council voted to progress the re-zoning of the land and retaining the existing height.

Supporting the resolution to keep the community land zoned for community use were Councillors Li, Perram, Pendleton, Salvestro-Martin, Petch, Laxale and Simons.  Surprisingly opposing the motion were the Clrs Etmekdjian, Pickering, Yedelian, Maggio and Chung. It was surprising, as immediately after the last council election, these councilors all supported the rezoning.